Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?
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It might be too easy to speculate that speculation is the reason for the price increase. Who exactly is speculating ? The money is out there and the buyers are out there. I really think it's that simple. I was fortunate enough that this week I was able to  drop $5,000 on a vintage graded Masters of the Universe action figure. It was my very first purchase of a toy from my childhood. It might be my only one. I can tell you it had zero to do with speculating on future values or thinking of it as an "investment". There was no vintage toy speculation on my part. It was just a regular guy taking an interest in getting a piece of his childhood back . I was the high bidder in the auction which I'm sure was filled with traditional long standing He Man toy collectors. It was no doubt a new high for this particular item . 

People are willing to pay up to a certain point and I think it's that simple. I used my He Man example to illustrate that point. To get a part of that wolverine nostalgia people are willing to push the upper limits of what they are willing to spend. Sure there are dealers out there but it's safe to say there are more collectors than dealers. Sure there are some speculators out there but I can guarantee you that there are more collectors than speculators. Collectors are driving the prices. Perhaps we are seeing a shift in what we knew as the traditional collector. Unfortunately, those entering or some of those who may have always been around are willing to spend more. 

Vintage comic book collecting has far too many people willing to spend to blame this all on speculation ever time a value rises quickly.

All of this is just my respectful opinion as well. As a lucky owner of a Hulk 181 in 9.2 I certainly wouldn't sell it for the highest price it just sold for. It's worth more to me than that. I also have a feeling there are a lot of others out there feeling just the same. It will hit it's price at some point but I doubt it's there yet. 




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I'll say this much -- whoever spent $2850 on this raw 5.0ish copy will be upset if the price doesn't keep appreciating --

(item number is 323341310716)

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