[CLOSED] HUGE SALE! Seven to Eternity, God Country, Avengers KS 10, and TONS of Independent Books!

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Every book I have here is VF+/NM unless other stated; I've recently went through all of my long boxes and pulled these out! I would like to sell the indie's as individual lots though I would sell them all together for a good price, as with the Marvel and DC as well. So I'll have a price for the lots as wholes. I have pictures of everything as well just shoot me a message and I can take as many as you need.

*Most of these are negotiable prices*

Monstress #1 $30, Avengers King Size Annual #10 (F+/VF) $40, Spider-Gwen #1 Chris Anka Var (2) $15/ea, Suicide Squad #1 (VF/VF-) $40, Spider-Woman #1 (2in Split on the bottom middle of spine) $15, Gwenpool Secret Wars #2 Var $40, X-Men Gold #1 (2) $20/ea, Justice League #51 (Error issue)$30, Realm #1 (3) $10/ea, #2 $5, Seven to Eternity #1 $75, God Country #1 & #2 $35



Ant-man #1, The Astonishing Ant-man #1, Angela Queen of Hel #1, Spider-Gwen #1 (3),  Thor #1 (lady thor), Angela Asgard’s Assassin #1, Hawkeye #1 (Jeff Lemire), Civil War 2 #0 Var, Edge of Spiderverse #1, Weirdworld vol #1 1-5 (Jason Aaron), Weirdworld vol #1 1-6 << No #3 (Sam Humphries)  $30



Flash Rebirth 1-shot, Flash Rebirth #1, The Boys #55, Batwoman Rebirth 1-shot, Survivors Club #1, The Kitchen #1, Telos #1, Clean Room #1, DC bombshells #1, Justice League – Gods and Monsters: Batman 1-shot, Cyborg #1, The Midnighter #1, Blk Canary #1, Gotham by Midnight #1, World’s Finest #168 (cover torn), Millennium #1, #7, COIE #1, #4, #6, Legends #1, #4, #5, #6, Batman 66’ 1-shot, #3, #14, #17-30 (2 #25’s), Preacher #42, #50, #51, # 59-65, Teen Titans #37  $75


Image #1’s

Throwaways, Mechanism, Horizon, Sheltered (walking Dead #19 cover swipe Var), Faster than Light, Saints, From Under Mountains, Dark Corridor, She-Wolf, Cry Havoc, Hadrian’s Wall (2), Eclipse, Glitterbomb, Demonic, Snot-Girl (2), Cannibal, Green Valley, Moonshine (2) (Cvr A&B), Reborn (2), Black Magick, The Tithe, Drifter, Invisible Republic, Descender, Southern Cross, Royal City, Loose Ends, The Few (2), The Divided States of Hysteria, Grrl Scouts Magic Socks, Extremity (2), Old Guard, Plastic, Regression, Blk Light District, Savior, The Mantle, Rumble, Intersect, The Nameless, Rasputin, The Empty, Pisces, Mythic, The Covenant, Symmetry, Huck, The Violent, Snow Fall  $130


Other Indie/Small Press #1’s

Kim & Kim (2) (Cvr A&B), Crime Destroyer, Graveland, Beautiful Canvas, American Gods, Motro, Ghost Wolf, Arcadia, American Monster, Carver Paris Story, The Spire, Lantern City, Strange Fruit, The Hangman, Victorie City, Kodja  $40


Other Indie/Small Press Runs

The Last Days of American Crime #1-3 (Cvr Bs and extra #3 Cvr A), Trillium #1(2)-4, Lunita #1-4, And Then Emily was Gone #1-5, Dead Letters, #1, #5, #6, Deep State #4-7, person_without_enough_empathy Planet #1(2), person_without_enough_empathy Planet Triple Feature, Harrow County #6, Killjoys #1-6  $70

Stragglers Issues

BEK #3, Jupiter’s Circle Vol 2 #6, Meta 4 #5  $6


Image Runs

Roche Limit #1(2)-5, Roche Limit Clandestinity #1-4, The Dream Merchant #5, #6, Dark Engine #1-5, Air Boy #1-4, Plutona #1-4, Generation Gone #1(2)-2, Starve #1-3, We Stand on Guard #1(2)-2, Pigs #1-6, Pretty Deadly #6, #7, #9, #10(2), Empty Zone #1-3, The Fix #1-2, Black Road #1-2, The Red Wing #1-2, Red Mass for Mars #2-3, Hoax Hunters #0(2)-1(reg cvr and phantom Var)-2, #12-13 (phantom Var), Surgeon X #1-6, Beauty #1(2 Jenny Frison Cvr)-3, 8 house ArcLight #1-5, Tales of Honor Vol 1 #1-5, Vol 2 #1-2, After Death #1-3   $175


*All prices are negotiable of course and I'm looking to move these as fast as possible*

If you have any questions shoot me a message.

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