One Nice Picture Frame, Black Cover, CGC 9.6 OW/W

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1) PayPal, checks, MOs and even cash are fine.

2) Shipping will be included to the US for this one. I will chip in $10 towards shipping outside of the US.

3) Returns are fine within 14 days, but buyer pays return shipping.

4) No Bad Listers

5) Ridiculing the books is ok

*6) The :takeit: or a typed I'll take it, take it or clearly understood version MUST BE POSTED IN THE THREAD! I will do it for you if we are discussing a sale via PM, but it has to be posted in the thread by the buyer or me. If we agree on something via PM, and someone else takes it in the thread before you or I post the :takeit: , that person gets the book.

7) If you'd like to see more pictures or scans, let me know.

Tomb of Dracula #2 CGC 9.6 OW/W $225 shipped to the US.




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Nice book Wes! Great price as well!

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