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I realize that when slabbing comics there is a special slab for "signed" copies.  Of course, with all the forgeries in collectables they won't certify a signature unless it's witnessed by them personally.  And that makes total sense.  However,  I have something unusual and I'm wondering how it would or could be properly slabbed and graded if I sent it in.

I have a Marvel Treasury Edition #1 "The Spectacular Spider-Man" from 1974.   It's an oversize reprint comic book.  However, when this came out I think it was one of the first of it's kind because there was a coupon in the regular comic books you could fill out and send in $5 and get an autographed copy signed by Stan Lee and John Romita.  Being just a little boy I didn't have the $5 so I filled out the coupon and mailed it in to Madison Ave with a note saying I didn't have $5 but I did have the cover price of $1.50.   I sent in a dollar bill with two quarters taped to it and included a note asking for just a copy of the regular edition without the signatures because I didn't have $5.

However, in the mail I got a large manila envelope and inside was a signed copy.  Stan Lee's and John Romita's signature was on it.  It was one of 1000 numbered copies they just sent to me anyway.  It was a bit dog eared and imperfect from flopping around in the mail.  It was mailed just loose in the envelope.  This one is today in much better condition that the older comics I bought off the spinner rack in the supermarket, but not mint condition.  I'd say Fine-Very Fine in that ballpark.  The defects are just from the original mailing.  Read once and put away.

How would they grade something like that?  "Apparently signed"?   "Purportedly signed?"   "The words 'Stan Lee and John Romita' are written in cursive on front cover"?  How does that work?  Is it a defect or what?

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As Stormshadow notes, CGC doesn't grade Treasury size books. They have no holder big enough to fit one. 

If this were a regular size comic book or magazine then the notation on the label about the signatures would be "Stan Lee and John Romita written on cover".  And the label would be a Qualified Label - green in color. Not the blue Universal label nor the yellow CGC witnessed the signature label. 

It is a cool book with a great back story. Just bag/board it and enjoy as is. 

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