Silver Age Key Monopoly Game
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On 2/14/2018 at 11:01 PM, Black_Adam said:

The board definitely needs to be redesigned, for a strictly Silver Age Monopoly I don't see how Mediterranean Avenue can be replaced by anything other than:



and baltic ave could be some modern drek comic lol but for just silver age the any Charlton will do.....

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I was gifted a more modern version of the game (withing the past 5 years).  The box is open (for my own viewing pleasure) but I refused to open it for play when the item was opened with a larger group :)

The 6 player pieces are:

  • Magneto Helmet
  • Doom Gauntlet
  • Capt's Shield (old style)
  • Eye of Agamotto
  • Hulk Fist (or Thing??? - it has very pebbled look to it)
  • Fantasticar or SHIELD Hellicarrier???






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