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20 hours ago, Ride the Tiger said:

I have one of the worst wraps that cuts half the price off.


TTA f.jpg

Bad mis-wrap seems to be quite common with TTA #97, 98.

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These look like your typical CGC Stan Lee Signature Series books to me.... :acclaim:

On 4/1/2018 at 6:57 AM, Peaky said:

Anyone come across any worse price-marking than these :(. How to spoil a great comic cover.




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The first two books remind me of when I first started reading comics, buying them from the local bus station newsstand.  

The stall usually only had the month's UK-distributed issues, but once, in '74 or '75, they had quite a stack of older DCs, defaced by felt-tip pen prices which were easily as bad as the ones you've shown. I recall buying Forever People 2, Teen Titans 23 and Metamorpho 10.  Absolutely thrilled to get hold of them, even though they were in quite ragged condition. 

Even though I'm an OCD condition nutjob and primarily a digital reader now, that remains a very nostalgic starting point.


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