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Bronze Age Avengers, Infinity War and Thanos comics for sale! Links Below!


AVENGERS #125 vs THANOS Infinity War 1974 HIGH GRADE 1974

AVENGERS #93 Neal Adams Kree/Skrull War Captain Marvel


SILVER SURFER #44 1st Appearance of Infinity Gauntlet THANOS Tiger Insert VF

AVENGERS #195 196 lot first appearance + origin of TASKMASTER 1980

WARLOCK #9 Thanos Saga begin, 1st In-Betweener, Gamora appearance VF

AVENGERS #109 Hawkeye quits leaves the team Iron Man

AVENGERS #114 Mantis Captain America Iron Thor


CAPTAIN MARVEL #33 vs THANOS origin issue]Jim Starlin Avengers



AVENGERS #92 classic Neal Adams art Thor Captain America 1971

AVENGERS #96 Kree/Skrull War Vision Captain Marvel

AVENGERS #110 vs Magneto, X-Men crossover 1973 Gil Kane art

NEW AVENGERS #8 and 9 first appearance of Black Order Thanos Infinity War NM+

AVENGERS #181 221 first appearance of Scott Lang Ant-Man team covers


CAPTAIN MARVEL #26 1st Thanos and Death cover appearance Avengers

AVENGERS #94 Neal Adams Kree/Skrull War Captain Marvel

THANOS RISING #1 2 3 4 5 Full Run Origin retold

AVENGERS #95 Kree/Skrull War Inhumans Captain Marvel


INFINITY GAUNTLET #1 and 2 set  ~ Thanos Avengers Infinity War movie VF+

AVENGERS #90 Kree/Skrull War Captain Marvel Ronan

INFINITY COUNTDOWN #1 Adi Granov Captain Marvel Variant


THANOS #14 15 16 Thanos Wins 2nd/3rd print Variants Cosmic Ghost Rider

THANOS 6 comic lot Silver Surfer 50 True Believers #1 first Infinity War 3


AVENGERS #116 Silver Surfer Defenders Vision Scarlet Witch

AVENGERS #127 128 130 lot Ultron Fantastic Four Inhumans High Grade


THANOS #1 Jim Starlin 2003 series

THANOS Imperative DEVASTATION One Shot #1

THANOS The Final Threat #1 One-Shot Death Avengers Infinity Marvel Two-in-One NM



Good luck and thanks for looking!
eBay seller profile: uncannyalexg

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