Kubert War Cover, Perez Titans, Dave Stevens and more for sale.

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Got to make some money for what I'm eyeing at Heritage so I've actually decided to let some pieces go which I never thought I would thinking of myself as a blackhole collector. Please feel free to contact me here or on CAF if you have any questions, whether it be price negations with offers or time payments.

Personal checks, PayPal, Cashier's checks, are all fine. (NOTE: I will not do friends and family for PayPal)

Shipping is $25.00 with USPS signature confirmation unless otherwise stated with the difference being refunded if it cost less. Those outside the continental US please PM first for an estimate.

Buy it nows with :takeit: posted in the thread trumps any ongoing negotiations via PMs. Payment is expected within 7 days after the deal is made unless otherwise arrangements have been made. 

I will not sell to those on the HOS or probation lists.


Thank you! And please feel free to PM me with any questions you might have.




Joe Kubert GI Combat #276 Cover- $4350

Jack Kirby Kamandi #33 pg.7- $2500

George Perez New Teen Titans #20 pg.7- $1150

Alan Davis 2000AD #585 Double Title Splash- $950 (Will cost more to ship)

Dave Stevens The Savage and Doc Savage cover prelims- $650

George Evans Super-Villain Team-Up #3 pg.26- $550










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4,180 posts

Jack Kirby Kamandi page has been added.

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