CLOSED: AH!, Kieth, Byrne, Cockrum, Brunner, Everett, Trimpe

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Updated Fri 5/25

This thread is closed and these pieces are no longer available. 




Updated Tue 5/22....

10% off CAF prices for pages in my "For Sale" gallery until Fri 5/25 mid-night (Eastern).

Artwork must be paid in full by Fri 5/25 mid-night to receive the 10% discount.


Selling a lot of nice pages from my CAF site (Brauny):

Pls email me to discuss:



Kieth WOLVERINE - HULK 1 p14 bxhk.jpg

Kieth WOLVERINE - HULK 1  p17 bbss.jpg

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sale is over

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From now until mid-night (Eastern) on Fri May 25th, take 10% of any of the art listed in my "For Sale" gallery on my CAF page:
*  Byrne Ant Man page
*  Kieth Wolvie/Hulk pages
*  Brunner Dr Strange page from Marvel Premiere
*  AH! commission of the Black Widow
*  Cockrum X-Men page
*  Trimpe / Severin Hulk page with Jarella
*  Everett pencils and inks Subby pg
To get the 10% discount, artwork must be paid in full by midnight on Fri May 25th.
Please email me to claim your new addition:

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