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I literally just put together box of 100 Pagers and 52 Page Special last week...for some reason when I went through my collection years ago I didnt Pull them out...

but a few week ago went through My Action,Detective,Batman,Superman,Justice League and Adventure and picked out all the Giant Size specials...

there ended up being a whole box of them...I check online to see if there was a market for DC Giant Specials, I was thinking about selling the whole box....but I didnt really know how to advertise it or where to sell it...

I'm glad to see theres at least fans of the 100 and 52 Page specials

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483 posts

I recently went through my DC sets looking for  100, 80 pagers and 52 Spectaculars...

I inherited my collection in 2013, and for some reason when I put the sets together in 2013...I didnt Pull The 100, 80 pagers and 52 Spectaculars...In the guide I was using there was no real Noticeable increase in value in these issues...Well fast forward to now, The 100, 80 pagers and 52 Spectaculars all have Noticeable increases in value from the previous issues...so I got my sets out and started pulling The 100, 80 pagers and 52 Spectaculars....ended up having damn near 2 full boxes of them...

I took pictures of some, although they are terrible pictures.

I was thinking about trying to sell them as a lot...since joining this board I discovered their is a market for the 100, 80 pagers and 52 Spectaculars....but I'll probably keep them















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