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26 minutes ago, Number 6 said:

Is there any way to display art safely and attractively that doesn’t involve framing?

I had a couple of Mondo prints professionally framed with museum glass and it ran me about $300 each. 

I have a piece of comic art that I bought on a whim a few years ago. Thought it would be cool to own at least one piece of OA but didn’t want to go heavy into it so only spent about $40 on it. 

I’d now like to display it but based on what the art is worth I really don’t want to plunk $200+ on getting it framed. 

It would be nice to matte it and set it on an easel on top of my bookshelf.  But at the same time I would like to protect the art. 

Any suggestions for displaying cheap stuff?

Michaels has some 11x17 matted frames that display well. If you're worried about UV protection, you can go to the framers and ask them to custom cut a piece of museum glass that fits the frame so that will be a cheaper alternative.

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I supose you can put your receipts, photos with artist holding the art, etc.  in a mylar and adhere it to the back with acid free tape.

I agree with Eric, I don't see many COAs unless they are from shady sellers on ebay selling suspicious looking "Bob Kane" Batman marker sketches".

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40 minutes ago, Wolverinex said:

I bought mine directly from the artist. They included a certificate. I also saved my receipt and shipping label

Which artist is from? Original Comic Art typically does not come with a COA. Unless is a Digital 1 of 1 Print. 

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