Signature Series Books for Sale/Trade - X-Men, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Flash Gordon, Others

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- PayPal only
- Shipping is $15 via USPS Priority Mail box - any number of books (this includes tracking, signature confirmation, and full insurance for purchase price)
- United States buyers only
- No returns on slabs
- No people on the HoS or Probation list

If you're interested in trading, here's what I'm looking for:

- Uncanny X-Men (Another Universe Variant) #375 (Joe Jusko cover) - raw, blue label, or yellow label
- Tick original series - raw or blue label, first prints only
- Phantom (Gold Key/King/Charlton) - raw only
- Flash Gordon (Gold Key/King/Charlton) - raw only
- Mandrake the Magician (Gold Key/King/Charlton) - raw only
- Just about anything X-Men related - yellow label

- Just about anything Star Wars-related - yellow label

Famous Monsters of Filmland #275
CGC Signature Series 9.4 (Ernie Hudson)
Notes: "Bottom Spine Lite Bend Through Book, Left Center Back Cover Crease"



Famous Monsters of Filmland #283
CGC Signature Series 9.6 (Sam Jones and Melody Anderson)



Flash Gordon #1
CGC Signature Series 9.8 (Tom Cook Original Sketch)



Legends #3
CGC Signature Series 9.4 (John Ostrander)



Star Wars Poe Dameron #1 (Variant)
CGC Signature Series 9.4 (Dave Chapman and Brian Herring



Uncanny X-Force #1
CGC Signature Series 9.4 (Joe Rubinstein Original Sketch)

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602 posts


Offers and trades welcome. Thanks for looking.

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