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I just recieved two items back from CGC . 

The items were not set properly in the slabs and there is damage on the back of the books. 

You can see how crooked they are and i don't know if the case is pinching the books

The books were graded at 8.5, but i can't believe that it could be that high with this much damage. 

Has this ever happened to anyone ?




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I'd be curious to see the grader notes on these books and pictures of the entire book. The limited view makes it hard to come to any conclusions. But it is not obvious to me that the books have been improperly encapsulated. The second picture of the bottom looks entirely normal.  The bottom of books often rest below that ridge you see. The ridge being only on the outside of the outer holder. The outer holder is flat and smooth on the inside. And the top picture is clearly an impact ding at the spine. But it's not clear at all to me that said ding happened as a result of encapsulation.

The grading notes would tell the tale. If they mention a crunch/bend/ding at the top of the back spine, this is how the book arrived on the graders desk. And yes, 8.5 is also entirely possible for an impact ding at the spine on an otherwise 9.4'ish book. 

Anyway, Brittany is on this so I'm sure you'll be fairly treated. 

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Hi Jake,

Has this issue been resolved?  I just received my slabs today and all 6 of my comics were pinched at the top and even bent some of the tops of the back cover.  The books look crooked as they don't seem to be set in the right spot.  Three of the books came back 9.8 but now with that damage, I don't think anyone will believe it is a 9.8.  

CGC pinched book 4.jpg

CGC pinched book 2.jpg

CGC pinched book 3.jpg

CGC pinched book.jpg

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On eBay I recently purchased a Red Sonja #19 Negative Edition signed by Sean Chen (Qualified) and graded 9.8 by CGC (Certification #3723189010) that apparently was similarly damaged inside the case from "pinching" after being set improperly in the case during encapsulation. However, the seller did not state anything about such damage in the auction description and did not include any photos that were adequate enough for me to see the damage (about which the seller probably was unaware).

Unfortunately, the seller kept blaming CGC (which is fine) but continued to resist the return and even harassed me. I understand that it likely was not the seller's fault, but I did not want to pay for a comic that had significant damage that was unapparent to me at the time of purchase, and assuming it was CGC's fault, I figured it would be best for the person who got the comic graded to contact CGC about it (not me!). Though eBay decided in my favor on the return, I'm not too happy with them either, because they have a history of removing negative feedback from sellers who deserve it. I was treated very unprofessionally just for wanting to return a comic, including being bombarded with accusatory and insulting emails as well as a late night phone call until I blocked the seller in every way I could.

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