Perez JLA/Avengers, Jones Black Widow, Gulacy, Hitch Ultimates Cover, Rude Cap commission for Sale

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Hi Folks,

I am offering a few things for sale:  they are the following:

1- George Perez JLA/Avengers 4 page 19- super detail with a number of assemblers and JLAers in the middle of some heavy action- 1750

2- J G Jones Black Widow 3 variant cover- fully painted! art on two boards- the Widow on one and the Cat and Sniper Scope on another- 2500

3- J G Jones Black Widow Illustration  - 900 : all pencil!  Published in an issue of Wizard magazine, this was done around the time of the 1998 mini-series and features both Widows and Daredevil. This could have been planned to be a cover or just a pin up.

4- Ultimates 8 Cover-   1875 Bryan Hitch/Andrew Currie  . From the ground-breaking book. will come with prelim

5- Paul Gulacy Black Diamond 2 Cover-  1350 Sybil Danning has never looked better!  Some of the inks are in marker and have turned purple.

6- Steve Rude Captain America/Sharon Carter commission- 600.

Please post here or PM me if Interested in something! Thank You!

Robert Frey




Black widow 3 cover- j g jones variant.jpg

black widow 3 cover- effects.jpg

Jones Widow.jpg


black diamond 2.jpg

rude Cap.jpg

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