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Hi Everyone!

We just updated our CGC 9.8 Subscription Service website at www.CGCsubscription.com and made a quick video on YouTube to help explain the service. Use the promo code FORUM and get $25 off when you sign up!


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I have been using Jerry's 3204 Auctions, Inc. site for well over a decade now.

Basically, if you like to win multiple "Best Set in Registry" awards,

...and want a chance to win one of these...


He's your best bet! (thumbsu

Not only will he find the strongest 9.8 to any title...


He won't stop until he finds a higher graded one!:ohnoez:


Subscribe to his service and let the awards just roll in.


Pm him today. 9_9

This has been a message from your  "Best Forumite of 2016." :preach:



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10,798 posts
10 minutes ago, jerry3204 said:

I forgot about that 9.9! What a beauty ...



One of my favorites.


But, it's a registry set that is still growing.


I believe you had a hand at all of these too.:golfclap:

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