Where's all the GI Joe art? (#1-50)

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I saw that Joe page at a convention this summer and almost bought it myself.  Nice pickup. (thumbsu

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Yes, nice pick-up... those first 30 issues are especially rare.   

- The Trimpes are the scarcest as Herb sold all his pages to the Donnelly's back in the 80's.  Some of those were sold through the Comic Book Price Guide back then - I think $10 or $15.

- The Vosburgs are the next scarcest as Mike gave many of his pages away to kids at shows back in the 80's, and as he explained it to me, he expected that many of them ended up tacked to their bedroom walls ad didn't expect many of them to still be around.  

- The Springers are a little easier.  Frank sold most of his pages before he passed away - some went to a dealer overseas and some to a dealer in Canada.  Howie had some in his collection.  With the 2nd part of the Origin of Snake Eyes, pages from #27 are highly prized!

Pages from #20 (Isherwood) may be the most common because I ended up selling or trading most of those over the last few years to dealers and collectors.  I had gotten them from Geof many years ago.

Anyway, a Vosburg page is a great pickup... and best of luck to all those others out there searching for their ultimate Joe art piece!

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