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On 2/12/2019 at 4:43 PM, Georgie123 said:

End result. If I press I will submit to cgc. No competition.

See here in lies the rub.  You got a guy wishing he would have pressed his book a few posts above and I see a lot of posts like this.  You also have a lot of collectors bemoaning pressing as bad.  I agree amateur pressing ruins books and you should have it professionally done.  I haven't sent in many books but I have been very happy with CCS, the eye appeal always improves even if the grade does not (my opinion).  I am also not in the business of selling books.  When you have comics that have been jammed tightly in a short box for 40 years guess what?  They are already flat as a pancake!  I don't think this debate will ever get solved.  BTW I will add that if you bought the book NEW off of a newsstand and bagged and boarded after ONE read it is likely it will not need any pressing.

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