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Have it slabbed, restored? Any advice appreciated. 


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Sent to CGC, the book will receive a Green, Qualified label and grade. That means the numeric grade will ignore the three hole punches. So if for example CGC believes the book otherwise looks 8.0, it will get an 8.0. But the label color will be Green and the grade will be a "Qualified" grade. 8.0, but with three binder ring holes through the book. 

Restoration would be extremely expensive as the restorer would be replacing/filling in paper on every single page. In general, most restoration experts recommend a book be worth at least $1000 before work is done. I would consider restoration out of the question. 

Sending it to CGC is a different matter. You might well be able to sell it for more money as a CGC green label than it would sell for raw. Green label I could see the book getting in the VF range. Raw a lot, maybe most collectors would consider the books condition poor to fair.

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