How badly would these issues affect the grade?
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Hey all,

I'm very new to comic grading,  but I want to learn.

Assuming an otherwise flawless book, how badly would a comic's grade be affected by these issues?

There is some wear along the top edge near the spine on the back cover, and what looks like rub marks near the bottom staple on the back.

Is there more leniency in grading an older comic vs modern, or are the standards identical?

Thanks guys!760862393_s-l1600(4).jpg.0dc10018d1b8056203dc84ef234febcf.jpg1482189996_s-l1600(5).thumb.jpg.7fa56617cd789f92d4b663debcad8af4.jpg

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I do not send any of my books to CGC to be graded but I have also always wondered if there was a grading bias towards Golden/Silver Age books over Modern books.

When Gold/Silver books were published comics were considered inexpensive, disposable entertainment, mostly for kids, not something that was a collectible, (When I was kid in the 60's I folded them and put them in my back pocket to ride my bike home from the store) also they were printed on the cheapest form of newsprint with the cheapest, most acidic inks and there were no archival storage supplies available, not that anybody even cared or thought about that.

Considering how they were handled by kids and delivered to the stores (stacked and tied in bundles like newspapers) and left lying around so Mom threw them out it is surprising any even survived.

Modern books are printed on much better paper stock with better inks and a much better printing process so even without the modern concept of comics being collectible and the idea that they need to be properly handled and preserved I would think that a modern book would outlive a Gold/Silver book if  both were new and stored in the same environment without archival protection and never being touched although it may takes hundreds of years to really know.

Does CGC take the differences in time and perception of what a comic book is into consideration when grading?

When it comes to "High Grade" books the differences between a MT 9.9, NM/MT 9.8, NM+ 9.6 and NM 9.4 are going to be very subtle and from what I understand sometimes a magnifying glass is needed to see the subtle differences.

Here is some info that may/will help you with understanding grading.



You may even want to consider purchasing...

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