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On 3/12/2019 at 12:37 AM, RareHighGrade said:

St. John - I had a couple of candidates, but have to go with this one:



I would have gone for your #2 choice. :foryou:

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On 3/10/2019 at 11:49 PM, fifties said:


Chilling Tales 13.jpg

Not the Fox I'd choose,but still so great!


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2 hours ago, RareHighGrade said:

Harvey - I have two contenders, but the triple threat of Schomburg, Nazi war cover and Church make this the favorite:



I had a similar problem, two powerful Harvey Schomburg Japanese war covers, one of which was the Church copy.  It was a toss-up, but I opted for the slightly lower grade non-Church book because it seemed a bit more dynamic and compositionally balanced.

The biggest problem for me in selecting a single favorite was with Timely books, as you correctly pointed out when starting this thread.  My thought process came down to this: which cover has had the greatest overall impact on my collecting interest in this publisher's books? Weighing all the factors, MM #66 won out over half a dozen other strong contenders.  It came down to having recently acquired a second copy in high grade along with owning Alex Schomburg's original gouache recreation of the dramatic WMD cover. 

The two other publishers that posed difficulty for me were Continental (Cat-Man) and Quality (HIT Comics).  In both cases at least one other book pulled equally for favorites consideration.  In the former, my decision was made purely on gut instinct and the approach taken to the specific art.  In the latter, it was a virtual tie between two phenomenal artists and I let the slightly better grade break it.

Major kudos to your thread concept as it forces each of us to think about which books have had the greatest impact on our collecting.  

Subjectively speaking, the most interesting aspect of the selection process is how it fuels interest in upgrading certain books, not that any of the books I've listed or came very close to selecting are anything less than highly desirable already.  It's just that when specific covers stand out and move you art-wise, it just makes sense least in the abstract... to continue seeking upgrades.

Then again, maybe it's just the obsessive compulsive nature of the hobby.  lol 

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54 minutes ago, entalmighty1 said:

Rural Home



One of his best works in my opinion 

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