Hake's New Closing Procedures - Ends Thursday

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Just wanted to let everyone know that the closing procedures for Hake's auctions has changed and this is the first event to feature the new format.  As importantly, the closing time is now 9pm Eastern as well.  If you are going after the Quitely cover, NM98 page, Sandman page, Clowes merch art, etc, be aware of these changes.  This has been at the top of my wish list for several years now, so I am excited and curious to see how everything plays out in this auction. 

Bottom line is that now EACH item has a separate and distinct 20-minute countdown clock.  If a new bid comes in within that 20-minute window, the bidding resets to 20 minutes.  If no new bids come in, that individual item ends as soon as the clock hits zero.  

Specific details here:  https://hakes.com/Article/1250/154748/Auction-Closing-Procedures

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20 minutes! :whatthe:

And people complain about the 3 minute clock at CC! lol

Fortunately there's nothing that I'm after at Hake's.

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6 hours ago, BCarter27 said:

I think this is a definite improvement! Much clearer. You could even shorten the clock, but I think having it clearly defined is the most important aspect.

Agreed on both points. 

A 20 minute clock will drag out the auctions unnecessarily in most cases IMO. Maybe watch the auctions to see how much of the 20 minute clock is actually being used and adjust from there. 

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