Amazing Spider-Man #300 9.4 OW-W $440 Bedtime Price Drop!

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Just one book! 14 day returns ok - PayPal only - I'll cover Priority Mail shipping anywhere in USA bubble wrapped in a tightly packed, drop kick proof box! 

If someone buys it tonight I will throw in a spectacular extra bonus gift! A relatively stellar condition copy (8.5?) of Marvel Comics Series "Stan Lee presents the Amazing Spider-Man #3" Pocket series book from March 1979 which reprints ASM #'s 14 through 20 in their entirety! 


Asking $490  $470 Pre-bedtime price drop to $440 Last sale in same grade according to GPA $480

PM's ok but first :takeit: wins

Amazing Spider-Man #300

9.4 OW - W pgs 

Consider it pressed! Because it was! :)






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