Joe Chiodo '90s color guides for Wildstorm, Image, and Marvel now available!
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Joe Chiodo has recently been selling his color guides to all the great early Image titles through Joe Mendoza at 

Joe's site is full of Chiodo's color guides to the early days of Image Comics when Joe colored for both Wildstorm and Top Cow at Image and at Marvel during the Heroes Reborn that Jim and Company did for Marvel. So these are Joe's hand painted colors over copies of the line art by Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, J Scott Campbell, Whilce Portacio, Adam Hughes, Arthur Adams, Humberto Ramos, Brett Booth, Dale Keown, and so many more.

What is nice about Chiodo's color guides is that he used cardstock instead of flimsy copy paper and he didn't write the color codes all over the piece so it is still nice looking art. 

I've bought quite a few myself and Joe Mendoza is a good guy, so I wanted to point people at him in case others are interested as well.

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I second Dave's recommendation, Joe Mendoza has a long history with Image comics, and Chiodo's colors on cardstock are frame worthy.  He was working from a full color palette and it really shows in his work.




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