How does CGC count pages?

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Hello guys, I recently purchased this copy of Detective Comics Issue 29 CGC and it is quite beat, but my question was, the CGC label says

puece out of page 5, affects story.

my question is when they refer to “page 5” are they referring to the 5th leaf? So back and front, the front of a page being page 1 and the back being page 2 (so 2 “pages” on one page) or does this refer to page 5 being both front and back counted as 1 page.

also when they mention,” piece out affects story” would this have to be a rather big piece or can this mean a very minor flaw, perhaps a few words cut out so therefore “affecting story”

also I know this is not the form to ask this question but since I am already here asking for this book,

do you think $1900 is a fair deal for a book like this? 

I will be buying it regardless if it is a good deal or not, but it would be nice to know I did not overpay.

sales for this book have been CRAZY for years but especially now, it’s seiosuly on fire.

thank you all!


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The page you see, is page 5.  The chunk that hits the upper left panels is the piece that CGC is noting on the label.

No idea on value.  Cool book tho.

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