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Hi guys,

I need a bit of help from the experts;
I was happy to buy the original art to this nice 
Dave Cockrum pinup from THE COLLECTOR #24 fanzine, 
published in 1971 (in full color !).

You can see the published version in 'additional images' 
(thanks to Ken Meyer Jr.'s 'INK STAINS' blog: 

I'd like some help from Dave Cockrum experts - 
is this the first Superman or Superboy image he'd published 
(in a fanzine or elsewhere) ?

If not, please let me know when and where was his first 
(fanzine) Superman published.

Many thanks, 



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This is a very cool piece.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any insight but I would cross post this in the Bronze Age forum and the original art forum as well to get more experienced eyes on it.

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