Steranko Caps, Fury, Romita Spidey!

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La Rules:

Free US shipping on everything, Int'l gets a $10 credit against actual cost.

Payment by Paypal UNTIL May 7. Paypal is changing their terms, and I'm looking into other payment processing, but it will be fine until then.

Open to anyone unless I have you on ignore. 

Slabs are returnable for 30 days...none of this "no returns on slabs" nonsense...BUT...every package is insured and packaged well, so barring damage or a mistake on my part, you'll have to cover shipping both ways if you just don't like it. I want you to be satisfied, not disappointed. Assume all books pressed. 

If you live in CA, you must pay 9% sales tax. If you're in CA, let me know, and I'll send you an invoice.

That about covers it.


Amazing Spipderman #143 (this is the only one, single highest SS. Next is a 9.2) - $450


Amazing Spiderman #168 - $275


Captain America #110 (very lovely copy for the grade!) - $135


Captain America #110 - $275 SOLD!


Captain America #110 - $325


Captain America #113 - $275


Captain America #113 - $400 SOLD!


Hulk #200 (I love this book) - $175


Strange Tales #152 - $200


Strange Tales #157 (no clue how to price this. There was a universal sale for $512 last year, then another for $250. So who knows? Apparently, it's a hot book) - $500


Strange Tales #158 - $200


Strange Tales #159 - $160


Strange Tales #163 (this is a lovely book. Not sure why it didn't grade higher) - $250


Strange Tales #165 - $150


Strange Tales #167 (another beauty, only real problem is discoloration along bottom that CGC called "foxing." I don't think it is, but that's the way it goes. Beautiful copy.) - $250


X-Men #49 - $250


X-Men #51 - $300 SOLD!

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8 hours ago, RockMyAmadeus said:

The 9.0 is still available... :whistle:


Actually, I'm eyeballing the 6.0.

I only like slabbed grades 2.0, 4.0, 6.0, 8.0, 9.4, and 9.8.  Crazy, right?

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13 minutes ago, Skynwalker said:

Actually, I'm eyeballing the 6.0.

I only like slabbed grades 2.0, 4.0, 6.0, 8.0, 9.4, and 9.8.  Crazy, right?

That does sound crazy, but for myself (who isn't a big fan of any writing on the covers of my comics) a nice-presenting 6.0 is the perfect candidate for a sig.

And nice comics btw RMA, love the signature placement on those Cap 113s - Steranko's auto stands out like a shadowy extension of the tree's night-drenched limbs toward the moonlight. (thumbsu

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Unfortunately I had to back out of my purchase of Cap 110 8.0. Nice books here!

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