Is this pressing damage?
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On 5/23/2019 at 9:49 PM, silverseeker said:

I totally agree with this...I've seen (and bought) several books that have what looks like a "wiggly wrinkle" (say that quick five times) in the middle of the front cover, and they will often have a "mirror image" on the back cover.

I'm not sure what causes this particular defect, but I find it much less noticeable than (and preferable to) a prototypical production crease.

On your book, I'd say Diablo was a victim of a wiggly wrinkle! :smile:

The waves on the top edge can be the result of a poor press or the inner well being too tight. I have cracked out a lot of slabs where the book looks wavy in the well and lays flat once released from its tomb. 

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