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Letting go some of my OA treasures to tackle some business growth cash needs. Auction ends next week on Tuesday, June 4th. GLTA!  - Bob


Last page culminating Geoff Shaw's Thanos Wins, with a gorgeous splash page of Lady Death. 



Splash page from Tim Sale's Legends of the Dark Knight. I asked Tim at NYCC last year if this was his first Joker, and he thought it was since he never did a Joker in Showcase '94 and this predates LH and DV. 



One of the best Teen Titan's group shots I've ever seen, done by the master George Perez as the cover for an archive edition. Just stunning.



Being honest, I bought this Kirby cover last year as a spec play on the news that the DC Movie Universe was expanding to include the New Gods as the next film. I like Black Racer as a character, and there's lots of great Kirby crackle, but I don't have the time to wait for the movie bump.



This Jason Fabok cover is tremendous and I think the best one from the Darkseid War crossover. DC used this cover as the image for the the 2018 book "Justice League 100 Greatest Moments". With Jay's Three Jokers story coming out and Jay selling his own work at his own prices, there might not be a lot of chances to get such a solid Fabok cover at auction.



The whole premise of a Cosmic Ghost Rider, where Frank Castle becomes Ghost Rider as he is dying, and then later become a cosmic herald of Galactus, is just one of the greatest mind-bending ideas I've seen in comics. And then he goes back in time to raise Thanos. Really. Just nuts. This cover by Geoff Shaw pulls that all together.



As many people know, I love Don Newton's work. Ch'p, the squirrel-like Green Lantern of Sector #1014, is one of the few characters Don was credited with as the creator. This page 1 title page from 1982 is the first appearance of Ch'p and I hope a true Green Lantern fan grabs it! Plus with talk of a Green Lantern Corps movie, maybe he'll get some screen time and be a breakout star!


Andy Price jams all the best Bat villians onto one page, with a definite Don Newton homage. Andy sells this as a print at cons, but the colors don't pop anywhere near this original. 

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