Spawn #200 slabbed w/odd paper?
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I had my Spawn issue #200 Lee Variant graded a few years ago and it came back with a 9.8. <3 I kept it in an appropriate CGC sized long box (along with my other graded comics) for all these years.

Just recently I decided to look at some of my graded comics and when I picked up my Spawn #200 issue I immediately noticed something sliding out from the bottom. I knew it wasn't there before??? so I looked at the picture taken by the CGC when it was graded. (thank goodness I paid the extra money to have that done)

I don't know what it is that has slid out from underneath the comic. I've taken pictures of how it looks now. Does anyone know what this might be? I never opened the comic book when I got it, just sent it straight to CGC to be graded.

Has anyone else seen this in the #200 issue? Any information would be greatly appreciated.






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Hi @Twinvirgos. This is actually micro chamber paper that we insert to protect and preserve the book. It essentially removes by-products of deterioration and pollutants over time. 

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