Any of you collect Banksy?
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2 hours ago, Rick2you2 said:
On ‎7‎/‎17‎/‎2019 at 6:29 PM, DanCooper said:


The crazy coincidence of the Banksy Central Park stall/sale was it was happening on the same day as the big NY Comic Con (Reed show) was in town (Saturday October 11th, 2014)

Can you imagine being shut out (or priced out!) at NY Comic Con and then stumbling upon the Banksy stall at Central Park and taking a gamble on a couple of pieces! (I know, a dream! Better shot at hitting lottery numbers!)

Just a supposition, but given his apparent views on the commercial sale of art, why do you think his action was just a coincidence?

Not his action being the coincidence, just the irony of the day (Saturday October 12, 2013) - sale set up at the same time in NYC that the NY Comic Con Reed show was going on (I originally posted the date as happening in 2014, but it was 2013 that both the Banksy set up and NY Comic Con were going on)

Maybe more of a juxtaposition - crowded, overpriced NY Comic Con on a Saturday and the totally ignored (for the most part) and way undervalued Banksy set up a few blocks north at Central Park. But, again, who knew?

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