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So I just found out about a LCS doing a Absolute Carnage event with the artist Ryan Stegman. I would really love to get some comics signed and would like to sumbit them for Sscgc. I called the shop and they didn't plan on having cgc come out and I've reached out to cgc also, which told me to go to the forums for answers. So here I am wondering what I need to do to get some books from this event authenticated for submission to cgc. Please and thank you for any help you could share!!

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Sadly, without a CGC authorized witness, you would not be able to submit your books for the Signature Series yellow labels.  You would normally get a green Qualified label with "NAME WRITTEN ON COVER IN MARKER" on the label.  I think there may be a process where you could request a lower grade blue Universal label, but I've only read about that and not sure if it's a true statement.  This is a pretty strict process and not a bendable rule.  No CGC witness = no Signature Series yellow label.  This also includes having the comic books submitted immediately after the signing to maintain accountability of signed book from the witness to CGC.

There are many entries on the boards that provide more (and sometimes less) details.  Search around and see what others have to say, and welcome to the boards!


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58 minutes ago, theCapraAegagrus said:

See if there are any facilitators in the area. Maybe post a topic here with the date and location of the event:

The Signature Room

In addition to this, you can always offer up a bounty.  Most facilitators charge between $5 and $20 per sig to witness.  If you offered up say $1,000 per sig, you'd probably get some CGC SS facilitators who happen to be 'in the area' contacting you.

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