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Apologies if I shouldn't be posting this here? Have about 40 mainly $0.25 and under books I want to sell. None are worth selling individually. Was about to wholesale them to, but thought I'd inquire here first. Haven't sold here before, so would anyone be willing to buy from me without having a proven track record? Maybe more so if I allowed a respected buyer / member to receive shipment prior to paying? Just don't want to spend the time of scanning the covers of 40 comics if it's going to be a waste of time. And it kills me to wholesale off stuff for practically nothing if I can get more $$$ and someone else can feel like they can get a good deal buying. A few of the ones I want to sell... And only interested in selling all as a lot. Will ship USPS priority mail medium flat rate box.








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PM me and let me know what else you have. I'm interested.  

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