Closed X-men Giant Size #1 cgc 9.6 White Pages!!

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First  :takeit:30E1E219-2F16-45A8-9E3F-B29D994F893B.thumb.jpeg.30adce38d2e7a57cd102dfeb27f74ca4.jpeg  in the thread gets the book and will trump any ongoing PM transactions, including any deal made through pm and not posted in the thread yet. PMs for additional info,bear with me if I take some time replying to pm's.


No returns on CGC books
No probies or HoS members.


Paypal or Money Order, will ship Fedex or USPS priority with insurance (20$), payment expected within 2 days if possible for fast shipping.

X-men#1 Giant Size cgc 9.6 White Pages 7200.00



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Need to combine your books into one thread. No hogging up real estate :sumo:

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