[CLOSED] STAR WARS Kenner Sand People 12-back B AFA 80+ unpunched

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Thought I'd give this a whirl here first before going to eBay.  But first, some ground rules...



First clear, unqualified "take it" in the thread wins the item. If attempting to negotiate via PM, after mutual acceptance a clear "take it" must be posted in the thread by you or me  

Asking questions about item details, picture requests, shipping quotes, negotiating price, etc. does NOT constitute a claim or "dibs" on an item  

No members on the HOS or Probation List may participate. I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason.



Paypal only. I do NOT accept Friends/Family payments, thus such a method should not be used to renegotiate the price  

Payment is expected within 7 days of receiving an invoice. Please allow me to send you an invoice before paying.



Itemss may be returned within 7 days after receipt. Please contact me with any issues.


About Me:

I have done deals with about a dozen board members. Here's my eBay feedback as a seller

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12-back variation B - this card version has an additional paragraph that the Action Stand can be obtained free with 12 proof-of-purchase seals. It still has the description of how to operate the double-telescoping light sabers. 

AFA graded 80+  sub-grades: Card:  80  Bubble:  85  Figure:  85.  Hanger tab is unpunched. 

The photo makes it appear that the crease in the upper left corner of the card is color-breaking. In fact, it does NOT break color, it just pears that way in the photo because of how the spider-vein crease catches the light. 

There is a tiny mark on the top surface of the bubble - either a tiny stress mark  or a touch of paint from one of the head horns, can't tell which. Otherwise, the bubble is excellent with no yellowing. 

$925 shipped in the US. Shipping outside the US would be more. 

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Beautiful condition! Haven't seen one this nice in person!

In the process of buying our new house or I would be SERIOUSLY tempted......



:banana: Chris


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