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I'm finally finishing off selling my Amazing Spider-Man collection, which is essentially issues 186-600 (minus a few keys in there), plus some card sets, plus all my spider-man swag (a few action figures, lunch box, tins, mugs, a fossil watch, a statue, and more).

The box numbers are just my way of tracking it.

Spider-Man Issues after 333 are really nice copies, as I bought 2 of every issues starting then, with the copy I am selling being the better copy.

There is a little silver age stuff in Box 6 listed below with some super quick grades assigned.

I don't have time to mail these out individually, or I would go that route and probably fair better off.  So, this is a Medford, OR pickup only.


Asking $450.  

Most of the books are in Mylite 2s with acid free backing boards included packed in acid free boxes, also included.  The cards also mostly have their own mylars.  I probably spent more on supplies than I am asking.

Thanks for looking.


Box 2

Amazing Spider-Man 186 - 233, 234 – 237, 239-251, Annuals 11-17, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 1 (No issue 233, 238, 252)  

72 Issues, Average Condition VF

Box 3

Amazing Spider-Man 253-297, 329-347, Annuals 18-20, Web of Spider-Man 6, 31,32, Spectacular Spider-Man 131, 132

74 Issues, Average Condition VF/VF+

Box 4

Amazing Spider-Man 348-360, 364-400 (3 copies including white collectors edition), Annual 1998, Web of Spider-Man 117, Spectacular Spider-Man 217, Spider-Man 51

62 Issues, Average Condition NM

Box 5

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2            1-58 (includes 36), Amazing Spider-Man 500 – 525

86 Issues, Average Condition NM

Box 22

Amazing Spider-Man 526-566, 568, 571, 573, 574, 576-600, 602, 603, plus variants of several issues.

Uncanny X-Men Trade Paperback (1984)

109 Issues, Average Condition NM

Box 6 (Rough Grades Only)

Thor 184 VF/NM

Hulk 108 VF

What If 1 VF/NM

Marvel Two In One Annual 2        VF

Daredevil 27 FN/VF

Submariner 69 VF/NM

Submariner 40 VF/NM

Capt America 137 FN+, 138 VF

Marvel Tales 30 cent variant, FN

Flash 164 G (staple pull)

Flash 168 FN+

Green Lantern 45 FN+

Hit Comics 62 FN

Amazing Spider-Man Index #1, FN+

About 36 comics in this box.



1990 Marvel (Impel) 1-162, plus holograms 1-5  Very Nice Set, NM/NM+, All in Mylars

1991 Marvel (Impel) 1-162, plus holograms 1-5  Very Nice Set, NM/NM+, All in Mylars

1989 Todd McFarlane Trading Card Set 1-45

1990 Todd McFarlane Trading Card Set 1-45

1992 Comic Images McFarlane Era 1-90, plus 5 holograms

1992 Comic Images Spider-Man II 30th Anniversary 1-90, plus 5 holograms

1994 Fleer Amazing Spider-Man, 1-150, 4 holograms, 12 suspended animation cards

1995 Fleer Ultra Spider-Man, 1-150, 9  Golden Web chromium set, 6 Holoblasts (a mix of hologram art and standard art), 9 Masterpieces chromium, and 10 Clear Chrome.

Plus a few more sets.


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where was the buyer from?

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