SA & BA Bunch of Slabbed Comics
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No probies or HOSers.  First  :takeit:in thread wins over any PM discussions or takes.  US only (no international), PayPal only.  No returns. Open to trades if it is a slabbed Amazing Spider-man.

Tried using CamScanner App on phone so hopefully you guys like the photos!

Used GPAnalysis to base my prices

Don't know if these books were pressed or not when they were submitted.

Amazing Spider-Man 238 8.5 140$


Amazing Spider-Man 265 9.6 70$

Detective Comics 400 0.5 SS 60$

G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero 1 9.6 140$

Iron F ist 14 3.0 SS 130$

Iron Man 55 9.4 1880$

Flash Gordon 1 4.5 30$

Masters of the Universe 1 7.5 20$

Phantom 1 8.5 290$

Thor 179 6.0 SS 140$


Detective Comics 400.JPG

Iron Fist 14.JPG

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I charge 10$ for shipping to ensure I get it packed safely. If you buy more than one slab, I will act accordingly.

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7 minutes ago, Hivull said:

Sales bump

Image for Spinal Tap’s Derek Smalls Is Coming To Australia With His Debut Solo Show

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