NYCC 2019 Exclusives
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Conditions noted are a best guess/estimate.  

Shipping priority mail and will be $8 boxed.

Payment is by paypal only and is expected within 24 hours of invoice/request for payment. 

The first  :takeit:trumps any PM's.  I think all comics listed are reasonably priced but offers will be accepted via PM.  No probation/HOS offers or buyers.  

Please contact me for any questions.


Hallmark Limited Edition- IronSpidey - $45


Ghost Rider - Glow in the Dark Exclusive - $45 - I have 2 issues available


House of X #5 NYCC - $40 - 2 issues available



Strikeforce #1 NYCC Fluorescent Variant - $45 - 2 issues available



Black Panther #16 Todd Nauck - NYCC Variant - $45



Marvel NYCC 2019 Exclusive Comics 80th Anniversary Logo Pin Set - Limited to 120 - $275


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