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Is there some online form to fill out to submit proposed fixes to book labels? 


The Dutch version of Spiro (Robbedoes) gets noted as "Belgian Edition" which is not correct. 

Robbedoes and Spirou were both produced in Belgium (so actually both are Belgian Edition). 

Robbedoes was the Dutch language version, for the Belgians who spoke/read dutch 

Spirou was the French language version of the book, for the Belgians who spoke/read french primarily

Spirou was also distributed to France, since they also spoke/read French

Robbedoes was also distributed to the Netherlands, since they also spoke/read Dutch. 


Here's what the French/Spirou label looks like


Note that it doesnt specify the version, but does note on the bottom right that "French & Belgian editions exist)

Here's what the Dutch/Robbedoes version looks like


Note that it qualifies this version as the Belgian Edition (center left), even though the Spirou had not qualification.  It does not mention that there are French and Belgian version on the right bottom anymore (is that just a note on the Spirou version?)

Two issues I have with these label notes. 

1. "Belgian" edition is a misnomer. Spirou AND Robbedoes were printed in Belgium for Belgium (primarily). Editions Dupois is a Belgian publishing company. Both are Belgian editions. Robbedoes is the DUTCH version and Spirou is the FRENCH version, because they are language variations of the same book. Belgium speaks both Dutch and French (Dutch to the north, French to the south). French versions were also distributed to France, since they too speak French (I know, shocker). Dutch versions were also distributed to the north to the Netherlands since they too spoke Dutch. Point being. calling one "Belgian" but not the other is at best unaware, and at worst offensive to the french speaking Belgians (if you dont believe me, try walking up to a french speaking Belgian and start speaking Dutch). 

2. By labeling Robbedoes with the "Belgian edition" qualifier, while Spirou gets no qualifier the market could treat Spirou as the "primary" printing and treat Robbedoes as a mere language variation, or even mistakenly see it as a language reprint (ie like my copy of Fanstastico #93 which is similarly labeled as "Mexican Edition", which is fine cause it is indeed a language reprint, done a decade after the initial print of Blue Bolt 105). Robbedoes is not a reprint it is a same-time print. 

At minium I would suggest
a) clarifying that Robbedoes is a Dutch Language Edition (not Belgian)

b) note on Robbedoes #1071 that it was a simultaneous release with the French version Spirou #1071

c) note on Spirou #1071 that it was a simultaneous release with the Dutch version Robbedoes #1071


So how to I submit this proposal to CGC? 

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12,333 posts

Update, looks like on the French version they do note it as the French Version (yay!)

Now it just comes down to them correcting the "Belgian Edition" to "Dutch Edition"




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