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So I purchased a small collection and this Hulk 180 has its MVS and complete cover and back cover but page 9/10 is cut in half pic included. Is it possible to still get a blue label albeit a lower grade and what are your opinions. Excuse the bad pics book has been cleaned and pressed and otherwise looks generally nice. The colors do seem to pop (although the pictures are terrible) there are some color breaking creases bottom right on cover. Suggestions? Opinions?


180 2.jpg









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1 hour ago, oldrover said:

Your options:

1. 0.5 blue label

2. Green label, but two cutouts? Dunno what the grade will be.

3. Re-sell raw on eBay.

IMHO, I’d do the third one. 

+1 as long as disclosure of 2/3rds of the page missing is made and imaged.

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The book will get a green, qualified label grade unless you specifically ask for blue. Don't ask for blue, the book would get .5 incomplete. 

The entire purpose of the green, qualified label is to ignore one defect - like a missing page or cut out coupons - and otherwise assign the numeric grade the book would otherwise get. BUT with a green label that makes it clear it is a QUALIFIED grade.  Label notes will say that pages 9/10 are missing a large piece that affects the story. 

Hulk 180's and 181's do better sales wise as Qualified books than most other issues. As 181 has gotten really expensive, so to has 180. Send it in and get the green label. it will sell for more $$. More $$ than what grading costs you. 

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yeah what everyone else said it would get a 0.5 blue incomplete with notes about "missing page 9/10 affects story" or you can do green label with same notation or sell it raw but when selling raw please disclose the information about the page missing. 

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