...CPR success, Creatures on the Loose #11 (CGC 9.4) to (CGC 9.8)
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Needed this book to fill out my registry set.  Grader's notes mentioned a non-coloring breaking dent in the center of the cover below the title and to the left of the "M" in Mooba.  It is hard to see in the first picture, but it was there. 

Sent it in and was very pleased with the work that CCS did on it.  (thumbsu


Creatures on the Loose #11 (CGC 9.4).JPG

Creatures on the Loose #11 (CGC 9.8).JPG

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3 hours ago, 1950's war comics said:

A BEAUTY and nice eye for a 9.8 upgradable comic !!!

Now that Picon has got that 9.8 under his belt, he needs the Moomba boat to go with the Moomba book!  Here's one available with the appropriate color scheme. (thumbsu



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