The Official 2020 OA Collecting Goals Thread
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It's well past Dec. 15, and, thus, time for the Official 2020 OA Collecting Goals Thread! 

After a banner year of acquisitions for me, it's going to be much harder in 2020, given that I killed so much of my ever-dwindling Want List this year.  My goal remains to stick strictly to only the top 1% of most-nostalgic pieces to me, with a little wiggle room for smaller pick-ups here and there (mostly newer art that catches my eye).  And, also, to finish in the black for the year on a cash-in/cash-out basis - didn't quite get there in 2019, but, overall, I've managed to hold the line on new net money going into my collection for the past 4+ years. 

Actually, I might have to add one more goal to the list - now that I recently bought my first Kaluta piece (to add to my Jeff Jones and BWS pieces), I probably need to get a good Wrightson piece to replace the Frankie plate I sold to help finance a property purchase this year so I can complete my "The Studio" collection.  Though, the timetable on that is open-ended; it doesn't have to be something I get in 2020.

How about everybody else??


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Almost the some goals than in 2019 :

- A nice X-Men/Batman/Spider-Man page

- A Perez/Davis/Wieringo page

- A Crossgen (Negation or Ruse) or Wildstorm (Majestic, StormWatch, Wildcats, Jet, Gen-Active ...) page

- A comic strip

- A page from a fumetti and one from a manga, 

- Frame some pieces,

- Maybe commission a piece or two (that would be a first for me)

As always, the key is finding art that matches my tastes and my (small, by the forum standards) budget ...

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Last year I cut back on my collecting but did get a number of nice additions to my collection. 

I am now looking to fill in holes in my collection, what I decide to turn my attention to are the golden age DC and Marvel characters I loved reading growing up. I want to get a nice example of the characters by their creator/co-creator. Could be a published page or a nice drawing or pin-up. I already have some nice examples of HG Peter (WW), Bill Everett (Sub-Mariner), Harry Lambert (Flash) and Marty Nodell (Green Lantern). Below are the artists and their characters I am loking for a nice example of. Ya some might be impossible like Jack Cole drawing Plastic Man and amazed I don't currently have a Kirby Cap piece.

Golden Age Characters:
Superman - Joe Shuster
Batman - Bob Kane
Joker - Jerry Robinson
Captain America - Jack Kirby
Plastic Man - Jack Cole
Shazam - CC Beck
Hawkman - Dennis Neville
Spectre - Bernard Baily
Hourman - Bernard Baily
Doctor Fate - Howard Sherman
Aquaman - Paul Norris
Liberty Belle - Chuck Winter
Black Canary - Carmine Infantino
Human Torch - Carl Burgos
Toro - Carl Burgos

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After a big buying spree in 2019, I am down to just a few "must haves" to fill holes in my collection:

- Vintage Perez Avengers (ideally with Marcos or Grainger)

- Vintage cosmic Starlin interior

- GoTG  by Milgrom (from the classic run in Marvel Presents)

- Possibly (only if  the right page comes along) '70s Buckler / Pollard / Perez  FF, Brunner Dr Strange, Art Adams X-Men related

Does not need all to come in 2020!

Other than that, I will treat myself here and there if anything catches my fancy, either vintage or contemporary.  I am afraid I will always be tempted by vintage X-Men (all the usual suspects) and Defenders (Buscema and Giffen)

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2 hours ago, Brian Peck said:

Ya some might be impossible like Jack Cole drawing Plastic Man
Plastic Man - Jack Cole

I wish this was possible. I remember reading in one biography or another that the owner of Quality Comics cut up all of Jack's OA so that the stories could not be reprinted by someone else. :(

It would certainly explain why nothing has turned up.

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I keep a list, but I doubt that I'll get anything on it. They are all stretch goals. Yes, I could save for the year, to get something, but that requires discipline. :)


Comic Books:

In the reasonably possible category are:

  • Swanderson Superman page that I really like
  • Aparo B&B page (art and letters by Jim)
  • Steve Ditko Creeper

In the Serious Stretch Goals category, we have:

  • Swan/Klein Superman or LSH page
  • Shuster Superman
  • Kirby Thor or New Gods page
  • Marshall Rogers Detective (Batman) page from his wonderful run with Steve Englehart and Terry Austin
  • Sprang Batman
  • Everett Sub-Mariner page
  • Mayer Scribbly page (if there are any)

Special cases:

  • The splash to JLA 29 (1st series) or the cover, but I'd prefer the splash.
  • Cover to The Official Legion of Super-Heroes Index #1. The cover to #2 would work, but it's in David Mandel's collection and I doubt that I could pry it loose. 

Comic Strips:

  • Skippy strip by Percy Crosby
  • Peanuts by Charles Schulz
  • Cul de Sac by Richard Thompson
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One of my goals is to see if I can have published OA purchases almost nonexistent in 2020. If I pick up anything I would hope it would either be a very key piece to me, or else something smaller that is relatively cheap. But these last couple years I've not only filled a lot of the holes in the collection I was looking to fill, but I want my time and money spent elsewhere.

I would like to see maybe at least 6 or more commissions completed for my big GOTG fan project. The more the better. Art wise, that is my main focus.


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