Would CGC be helpful for a very obscure printer/bindery error?
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Is there any advantage to sending an otherwise lower value comic to CGC just to verify a very obscure printing error?  The comic is a lower grade issue of Strange Tales V-1 #113.   The issue is that the comic wraps were assembled in the wrong order at the printer/bindery.  In this case, the Torch story was inserted last, instead of first.  Since the Torch story takes up one-half of the book, it is actually readable so most people would not pick up on the error.  I noticed the book started with an ad page so at first just thought it was missing pages.   I have not been able to locate another copy with this error, find anyone else who has heard of it, or find any reference to it.  It could be that just a handful got out the door before they caught it or there could be a bunch of them out there and people just don’t realize it is miswrapped. 

Question is, would CGC verification be of any significant value in this case, or is this one of those situations where it is so obscure that it is just an interesting curiosity?      

I posted the first and last pages of the error book along with the same pages from a normal issue below. I have scanned all of the pages along with a normal comic on my very early stages FF website if you want to see the rest of it.






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