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I have sold on Ebay and have only positive reviews, my aunt is a seller as well and has 1000 of positive reviews. Can provide if needed.

Payment: Paypal is perfectly acceptable. Google Pay optional.

Shipping: I ship USPS Priority mail almost daily, so you will receive your books quickly. CGC books ( up to 5) will be $10 to US, $20 to Canada. 

Refunds: There will be no refunds since books are graded by a third party (CGC of course)!

Any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out.


Good luck to all!



300$ Star Wars #42 Signed by Stan Lee and Jeremy Bulloch 

145$ Star Wars #68 Signed by Tom Palmer

135$ Star Wars #1 Custom Art Signed by Artist

124$ Star Wars #29 Signed by Jim Lee






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Jim Lee? What's the connection?

(I's cool. I love Star Wars, and I love Jim Lee. Just feel like I'm missing something). 

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Maybe because the guy looks like Cable , who was originally drawn by Todd McFarlane who also worked with Jim Lee at Image comics ?:idea:

am I reaching ?

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