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Marvel UK magazine.  I wanna complete the series at some point.  Love the covers.  I just don’t want to pay ridiculous prices.  I didn’t mind paying a bit more for these considering the “badge” and “free sticker” are intact.  It would be great to be able to find some of these in 9.8.






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1 hour ago, pubmonkey said:

Well that one is indeed a sweet cover (thumbsu but the U.K. Punisher #4 with the collage of ‘Nam #1 and punisher Ltd series #4 is off the charts cool... 

Thanks for clarifying @pubmonkey

Yes it is!! (thumbsu

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1 hour ago, Parabellum said:

Coming in from CGC.  These are the Zeck 1:500 and 1:250 sketch variants for the new series.  I’m very very happy!


That Rocks!!! :headbang:

I can’t wait to see them. :banana:

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1 hour ago, BigLeagueCHEW said:

Thanks, I got it earlier this month, if your looking for A 9.8 White, Super rare. Only other one’s I have found were OW/W on eBay.

May I ask where you purchased this?

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