BOX o' stuff AUCTION $1 Paperback Sleaze & Comic Shop News from 80s & 90s
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So, I find it hard to throw away things..... 

If there is anyone out there willing to pay for the shipping of all these, then great. If not, I will throw them in the recycling bin. 

We will start each auction at $1

In the comments section below simply state which item you are bidding on and your bid. Example: $2 Paperback Lot

Shipping will be $21.55 for all of the Comic Shop News, Dark Horse Insiders, and DC Direct. 

Shipping will be $4.35 for the paperback books.

Shipping in USA only.

Return Policy- these are not worth much so I'm going to say no returns. 

I have not had a lot of transactions on this site,  but I have over 17,000 feedback on Ebay with 100% positive.

I do have a few positive transactions in the kudos thread. 

PayPal is to be paid within 2 days. I can only ship to your confirmed PayPal address. 

This auction will end on Sunday night 8pm CST.

Please note I only look at the CGC board once a day. If you have questions,  please send email and I will answer much quicker. 

The Unashamed is from 1960 FINE 

Silver Leopard-1946 Good to VG

Trapped -1952 Fair to Good

DC Direct 28 assorted Issues from #22 - #75

Dark Horse Insider 15 issues Jan 1991 to Aug 1992

Comic Shop News 126 assorted issues from 11-1-89 to 12-4-96

There are also a couple of random things thrown in the box as well like Comics Buyers Guide and Overstreet Comic Book Price Update

















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