Art Day - Long Live the Legion!!

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Who’s a Legion fan?  Me!!  I’m glad to see that they’re back, and Ryan Sook’s fine line is complimented nicely by the inking of Wade Von Grawbadger.  Sook is turning out to be the right artist for a complicated team book, and we’re starting to see the forming of the (expected) multiple story lines by Bendis. 

The Legion has come and gone over the years, but I (for one) am glad to see it’s back.  So glad, as a matter of fact, that when the opportunity presented itself, I was able to grab a complete book from Issue 2 of this new run.  Thanks Felix!!

By the way, and I could use the knowledge of the Legion of the Superheroes fans out there (you know who you are).  Does this issue truly contain the first time that a member of the Legion gave the finger to the President of the United Planets?  Let me know!!

Here is the link to the entire story:




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Quite the acquistion! Congrats!

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