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    I need to down size some of my collections. So I'm letting these go first. Most of them are sealed. I think maybe only a couple are opened. I'm also sure there are not complete Shifor any of these series. I've marked on some what they are or who they are, either by number or name. I put the name on a piece of paper and taped it to that figure or I put the number of the series for the character. There are a lot of duplicates, because at the time I was only interested in those figures. For example series 15 I bought a lot of shark boy figures, not sure why, but I did. So the number on the back of that figure is 13. 

  Anyway, I'm selling them as a lot, $4 each figure, there is around 155 total minifigures.  

So here's a break down of what is here, 

Simpson's - 15

Ninjago - 51

Harry Potter and  the Fantastic Beasts - 12

Lego Movie 1st - 2

Lego Movie 2nd 5

Series 11 - 21

Series 15 -  33

Series 19 - 11

Series 5 - 2

Series 14 - 2

Series 10 - 1




I accept paypal good's/service or mo's. 

No returns, they are Mystery Minifigures.

Nobody on any of the lists. 

:takeit: wins in thread over PM's

Shipping would be exact, sorry this is only for the U.S. 


lego simpsons series 1.jpg

lego harry potter and others.jpg

lego ninjago.jpg

lego mystery minifigrues batman and series 5.jpg

lego series 11.jpg

lego series 13.jpg

lego series 14.jpg

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