[CLOSED] MEGO Star Trek 5 Original Figures on Cards 1974 and some other toys

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I'm going to list some toys for sale today. Please click my kudos thread to see feedback on deals I've done over the last couple years. it's right under my picture. 


No PL/HOS members

First “Take it” posted in the sales thread wins. If we reach a deal via PM, I will mark the book SOLD in the thread as soon as I am able. If someone takes the book before I am able to mark it sold, they will be the winner. 
Please don’t make comments with quoted book posts, other than taking a book, as this can be confusing. 

Payment: I accept Paypal, checks and USPS money orders as well. checks must clear before I can ship. payment is due within three days of my invoice or message with total. 

Shipping Terms: USA and CANADA shipping ONLY.  USA $24 shipping for any quantity via USPS. Canada is $40.  I do not ship to other countries unless you clear it with me first and we agree on shipping cost. 

Returns/ Refunds: I will take returns within one week of your receipt of the package, as long as the items are returned in the same condition as when they left here. You cover return shipping unless i made a mistake or my description was wrong. My goal is for every buyer to be satisfied with their purchase.


Full set of 5 Figures: $450 obo

i've got this set of 5 original 1974 mego star trek figures, all on their cards. i was going to list them on you know where, but thought i'd try here first. only want to sell as a set. only scotty is missing. they vary in condition. please review the photos. 

dr. mccoy is the best looking card, it is unpunched, and he is on the original 5-back card which is harder to find and more valuable. a little nose rub on the doctor. captain kirk is also on an unpunched card that is pretty flat. one corner is bent on kirk. 

uhura has her hair holder around her face now, and an old price sticker is on the front. otherwise her card is pretty flat. mr. spock's card is not bad but it looks like one of his legs has come off inside the bubble. also his phaser has fallen. poor spock! lastly the kilngon card has a crease right down the middle of it, as if it were folded once. it also has price stickers on the front. the figure itself is quite clean and erect within the bubble. 

please let me know if you have questions. 














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heres a cool japanese monster from kamen rider series. i got this in japan 22 years ago. its in original package bag and unopened. soft vinyl figure. theres one on feebay now for ninety three bucks. how about $40 plus $10 shipping on this one? 




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