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I'm very curious to learn more about this myself. I don't have my most recent Overstreet handy at the moment, I don't know if there's a listing or not. Tom Gordon of Gemstone mentioned it in Ian's "the DC collection is complete" thread (though Ian didn't have one, and it was unclear to me whether it could be considered a DC):


Taylor's Christmas Tabloid from the 1930s features some of the earliest work of Siegel & Shuster.


A quick google and a search of Heritage doesn't reveal much of anything. I take it from earlyaction's post that it may be some sort of Superman prototype?

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it is mid 1930's tabloid size pre superman look, battle of the strastophere, i think, just looking for a scan of it 1 known copy.


Here is the first superman cover. 918567-cover-sketch.jpg


Hi Guys,

For additional information on the Taylor's Christmas Tabloid see page 312 of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #35. The image of Superman posted here was featured in an article on Superman in The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #18. If I get a chance later on today I'll try and get back to this.



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Russ Cochran? I don't know.


I've never seen these items in person. But historically they're all linked to Superman making them incredibly important.


These are the types of items that belong in musuems.


Not all the licensed [embarrassing lack of self control] you see in Metropolis, IL.

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I too am in awe of these early pre-Superman prototypes. cloud9.gif


Here's the Overstreet entry Tom mentioned for the Taylor's Christmas Tabloid:



Department Store Giveaway: Mid 1930s, Cleveland, Ohio

(Tabloid size, in color)

nn-(Very Rare) Among the earliest pro work of Siegel & Shuster; one full color page called "The Battle in the Stratosphere", with a pre-Superman look; Shuster art throughout. (Only 1 known copy) Estimated value...$4000.00.

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