[CLOSED] Slabs for Sale!!!! Silver and Bronze Marvel
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Lets get this going shall we :sumo:


Prices are listed and are reasonably firm. Although I do like to haggle and dont mind offers. Especially on multiple books. Most of these books will speak for themselves and the pricing I believe will be fair.

I also am not against trading. Please understand I am not trading a Hulk 181 for a bunch of $5-$10 books. No matter how well that works in my favor lol 

I also am open to time payments within some reasonable parameters. 

No HOS/Suspended/ne'er do wells. I ask that if someone is on the nanna nanna boo boo list and I don't catch it to let me know :foryou: 

I take cash/check (has to clear if anyone outside of Lizards still uses them) and paypal. 

Ive got a kudos thread somewhere I think hm Ive got tons of people here who will vouch for me. Legends like Greggy (worship) and others. If you have questions ill be more than happy to give you some references.


$13.50 for 1-2 slabs

$15 for 2-4 or 5.

Look if you are buying more than 5 books from this thread Im probably taking care of shipping anyway. So more than 5 we will figure it out. Im not out to gouge anyone.

:takeit: in thread trumps any ongoing negotiations. However if an agreement has been agreed to before the :takeit: is posted the agreement in PM takes precedent.


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1 minute ago, arexcrooke said:

need it to start raining :takeit::baiting:

Haha I'm buy mostly FF and X-Men atm. I am enjoying the show though! I'd also bet in an hour or so you're PMs will get hit folks a bargaining! I just didn't want you to feel lonely ;)

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